Miss Amy Wilson Carmichael was born on 16th December 1867 in Millisle, Northern Ireland. She was the first missionary sent out by the Keswick Convention. After a few years in Japan she came to Southern India and served for 56 years. She founded the Dohnavur Fellowship and remained there till her last breath, without ever returning to Ireland.
She obeyed by laying down the evangelistic work that she loved, and that God had so blessed. She went on obeying, although at first she had to face much opposition and danger, and many of the first babies she rescued died. As she learnt more of the plight of innocent children, her heart burned with God’s own love and indignation, and she wrote words which stirred others to come and join her in Dohnavur, the tiny village tucked far away near the tip of South India, where the children had their home.

The story of her life, and the legacy of her own writings, still inspire people throughout the world today.