Amy Carmichael’s Songs CD Project 

   O Lord our God how excellent is Thy name in all the earth. Psalm 8:1

Moonlight on the Mountains

  Beauty of Dawn
Amy lived a life of faith and was always dependent upon God to supply all her needs.  She was dedicated in her devotional and prayer life.  Amy was rendered bed bound by her injury for the last 20 years of her life.  Not to be discouraged by pain, she seized the opportunity to demonstrate His faithfulness before a much larger host of witnesses.  Now she had the quiet time that allowed her to write books, poems and letters,  that was translated and shared around the world.  Her writings continue to influence and inspire the lives of many individuals even today.

          Amma  as Amy is called by all her children  was a keen observer of nature and wrote hundreds of poems inspired by the grandeur of nature.  She was a prolific poet and wrote in a beautiful semi archaic language.  In 1917 she bought a piece of land high up in the mountains  near Dohnavur. Naraikkadu, as it is called,  is nestled in a deep valley between gigantic peaks and a perennial stream flows through the dense Tropical rain forest.  Amma used to take her children and co-workers there, quite often for physical and spiritual rejuvenation.  Amma, the ardent naturalist,  was far ahead of her times in spreading the message of conservation of natural resources.  Naraikkadu is a living testimony to her efforts in preserving that precious forest from denudation,  through her  writings and deeds. It is declared as one of the best protected forest reserves in the whole of India. From a tiny beetle to a gigantic thunderstorm Amma had written poems relating to countless natural phenomena.  She desired that all her children should try to develop an appreciation for the natural wonders around them and wrote many action songs for the children which are compiled in a title  ‘ Forest Songs and Wonder Songs’. Apart from this there are three major compilations of her poems, namely Pans, Sontham and Wings. Pans and Sontham contains poems of Divine spiritual truths mostly inspired by the wonders of creation.  Wings contains poems which penetrate far deeper into the realms of the divinity and are mainly used for praise and worship, intercession and to quicken our hearts while meditating on His Word. 
       Moonlight on the MountainsBeauty of Dawn               Amma herself was an organist, and many a times led the singing from the organ with great gusto.  The new digital organ at the House of Prayer in the Dohnavur Fellowship,  which brings out an array of rich sonorities captured from the great organs of Europe,  is a fitting compliment to the resplendent harmonic and choral textures of these lovely songs.  The original Melodic and Harmonic content of these compositions are kept intact as far as possible.  Fresh organ arrangements, preludes, interludes and new descant arrangements have been composed for this project and also some keyboard arrangements have been made so that the music is appealing  to a far wider audience including the younger generation.  We fervently hope that these songs reach out to more and more people,  influence their spiritual life and bring glory to His name.
(Text taken from the booklet enclosed with the first volume of Amy’s songs’ CD  – Beauty of Dawn)

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