The Family Amma built up continues to this day, now led by those who were themselves brought up in the community. A home and family is provided for children in moral and/or physical danger who have no one to care for them.   “What will happen to your babies when they grow up?” people had asked.  “We shall train them to live for others, not self,” Amy had replied.  Now as the 21st Century begins, we see the continuing fulfilment of her desire.
During the past 113 years, about 1875 girls and 670 boys have been rescued from situations of moral and physical danger and brought into the safety and love of the Dohnavur Family.  There are hundreds of men and women, who grew up inDohnavur, who are now serving  in many different professions and occupations throughout India, and overseas as well.  A large number keep in close touch with their old home by letter, and also visit bringing their childrenand husbands or wives as well if they are married.  In emergencies many turn to the Fellowship for help, for the family bond is strong.
In Dohnavur, Amy’s grown-up children take full responsibility for the life of the family.  Much wisdom is required to prepare our children for life in the 21st Century.  Besides all that is involved in the care, education and training of about 130 girls, ranging in age from the very young to those in their early twenties, they look after some 125 ‘senior citizens’ (aged 65 years and over) as well.  They also care for  physically or mentally challenged women and girls. They along with the help of a team of dedicated doctors,  run a hospital with a yearly out-patient attendance of about 40,000.   They are also responsible for all the organisation and administration, which such undertakings involve.

Why do they do it? 
Not for material advantage, for they do not receive a salary.  They serve for the love of the Lord Jesus and in obedience to His Call, some having left challenging and responsible jobs or given up prospects of marriage.  Although there are constant problems, difficulties, disappointments and much sheer hard work, there is also the joy of the Lord which is strength for those who sacrifice all for  His sake and can truly say, “I delight to do Your will, O my God”.  (Ps.40:8 ANT)

Amy’s children still ask for prayer, as she did from the beginning: “Pray for the courage of faith; for the patience that waits and does not hurry on before God’s leading;  for the love that cannot be tired out of loving whatever happens.  God give us a brave faith and a very tender love that counts nothing too much to endure for our Lord, crucified.”  –  And risen!