Our beloved brother David Rajamanian (82) went to be with the Lord on 28th September 2015 after a brief illness.  He was born in Dohnavur Fellowship as  the eldest grandson of Mimosa.  Joined the service in Dohnavur Fellowship at the age of 20.  For nearly 31 years he was looking after the boys, taught in the Vanacharbu boys school and later  served as the Secretary of Dohnavur Fellowship.  Apart from being a highly self disciplined and hard working person,  he was widely read,  an excellent musician and an avid bird watcher.  He has been an example and  inspiration for  many people of the succeeding generations. Most importantly as a spiritual leader of the Fellowship he led the services and expounded the WORD  in the House of Prayer, very keen in Gospel Work and a Counselor for many. We thank God  for his life of unshakable faith and commitment, simplicity and the courage to uphold the Christian principles and the pattern set by Amy Carmichael for the Dohnavur Family.   Praise the Lord!