Amy Carmichael  wrote 37 books.  Of these seven were written between 1932 and 1950 – the years when she was confined to her room after an accident, the last one being published the year before she went to be with the Lord in 1951.  A further seven were published between 1955 and 1999, being compiled mainly from her unpublished writings.

We give below a list of the Dohnavur books in print at the present time.  Most are available through the Publisher, CLC International Ministries, or through The Dohnavur Fellowship Corp. in the UK or through Christian bookshops worldwide.


Dohnavur Books currently in print


By Amy Carmichael:


Candles in the Dark

Selected letters, written originally to individuals, to help, inspire.

Edges of His Ways

Daily devotional readings.

Figures of the True

Devotional thoughts inspired by pictures from nature.

*Fragments that Remain

A selection of ’fragments’ from the life and writings of
Amy Carmichael (edited).

God’s Missionary

A challenging booklet, specially written for new missionaries.

Gold by Moonlight

Though written primarily with the ill in mind, this book is not to the ill only;  (illustrated with black & white photos from nature).

Gold Cord

The story of the Dohnavur Fellowship from its beginning.

His Thoughts Said

Thoughts, and answers to thoughts, which pre-occupy many of us at some time in our lives.


A little book about Calvary love in common life.


The shaping of an Indian Nurse.  Reprinted for our Centenary with 32 pages of present-day colour photos.


A very moving true story which tells of the drawing power of our
Lord Jesus Christ.

Mountain Breezes

A new compilation of poetry, containing 564 poems by
Amy Carmichael, many from books now out of print.

Rose from Brier

Written for the ill by one who knew long, continued suffering.

Thou Givest ...
They Gather

Taught by God, after a disabling accident, Amy Carmichael wrote these notes to share with the family the spiritual insights she had gained.

Toward Jerusalem

A selection of 92 poems.

Whispers of His Power

More devotional Daily Readings.


By  Other  Authors:


Frank Houghton

Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur   -  a biography by one who knew her.

Indian Edition is now available 

Stuart & Brenda Blanch

Learning of God  -  an anthology of  ‘gems’  from Amy Carmichael’s writings.

*Margaret Wilkinson

At BBC Corner I Remember Amy Carmichael  -  tells of the influence of Amy Carmichael on the life of another Irish woman, who went to join Amy in the work in Dohnavur.

*Nancy Robbins

Patients & Patience  -  Fascinating glimpses into the lives of patients
Dr. Robbins encountered during more than 30 years of working in
the Dohnavur Fellowship Hospital.

*Eleanor Backhouse 
     & Nancy Robbins

A Century of Answered Prayer - An account of how God has supplied the needs of the Dohnavur Fellowship, including testimonies of  7  men and women.

*Derek Binghams

The Wild-Bird Child (Publisher: Ambassador, ISBN 1 840301 44 9) 
A life of Amy Carmichael.

 * Iain H. Murray                   Amy Carmichael – Beauty for Ashes (Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust, ISBN 978 1 84871 – 552 – 3) 


* Obtainable  from

The Dohnavur Fellowship Corp.
80 Windmill Road
, Brentford, 
Middlesex,  TW80QH, UK


 All books [except those marked *] are obtainable from Christian bookshops.

 In the USA, most titles may be obtained by Mail Order from:-

CLC International Ministries, PO Box 1449, Fort Washington, PA 19034