The Dohnavur Fellowship Hospital is named Parama Suha Salai, which means, Place of heavenly healing in Tamil. It can accommodate 70 beds, with a large out-patient attendance,of around 40000 per year, including state of the art Dental Clinic and also a Leprosy patient Clinic. The leprosy patients are treated,accommodated and fed at free of cost. Another main component of the hospital work is taking care of the medical needs of around 370 members belonging to the Fellowship and also the healthcare of around 700 children and staff of the Santhosha Vidhyalaya school. Due to want of doctors our maternity section is not functioning right now and only Minor surgeries are performed.
                    Daily teaching in the Wards and Out-Patient Clinics are conducted along with Services on the Wards and in the Gospel Hall. Special meetings are conducted during Christmas and Easter.The biggest event in the calendar of the hospital is the Meetings of Vision, which is organised every year for three days after Christmas and attended by hundreds of patients and friends of different faiths, from diverse backgrounds. 
            Our Aim – To give free medical care for people who cannot afford, and for the other patients, at an affordable cost, and sharing the Gospel to the patients and their relatives.