How is it supported?

Amy Carmichael was the first missionary sent out by the Keswick Convention. She had the prayer support of many keen Christians, and many more were touched by her letters and books. No appeal was ever made for money, only for prayer but many, through the years, have sent sacrificial gifts, which enable the work to continue, and reach out to help countless people besides the Dohnavur Family itself. Never has an unprotected child been refused for lack of funds; never has a patient needed to be turned away because he or she could not pay for medical help.
                        We do not know what our financial needs will be from year to year, but God knows, and we are content to live ‘from hand to mouth’, as long as it is from His hand through His children’s prayers and gifts. God’s work, done in God’s way and for His glory alone, can never fail. Times of leanness and shortfall are sometimes warnings that something is wrong, something perhaps needs to be confessed and put right; we can only move forward through prayer.
                      Those of you who are acquainted with Amy Carmichael’s writings will know the importance of prayer in her life, and prayer has continued to be the life-blood of the Fellowship through the years. From the beginning, the Lord gave her a small but growing band of Prayer Partners, who began to share her burden for the babies and children in such deep moral and physical danger. They understood that there were battles to be fought and won that were unseen as well as seen, and found that their burden could be translated into prayer that involved them vitally. The sensitivity and dangers that accompanied the work, especially in earlier years, meant that widespread circulation of prayer needs was not considered to be wise. So Private Letters were sent to those known to be committed to praying, and this set the pattern throughout the ensuing years. Each generation of the Dohnavur Family has grown up aware of, and deeply grateful for, the prayers of these friends overseas and in India.
                     If you would like to be a part of our work, would you prayerfully consider becoming a Prayer Partner? To assist you in this, we should be glad to send you (free of charge) our quarterly Prayer Letter, ‘Dust of Gold.’ This is a small publication containing a letter from the Leader of the Fellowship and several short articles about the on-going life of the Family, including points for prayer. Requests may be sent to the contact addresses given on the Dohnavur Fellowship website.